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Chapter Two: COMING SOON.


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[HQs] 5 Seconds of Summer performing live at The Roundhouse in London during the iTunes festival - September 4th, 2014

i’m at a point in my life where everything is falling apart and everything is coming together at the same time.

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6 SELFIE CHALLENGE {I was tagged by alliesokay}

sorry for scarring your brains with my face.

why did this get so many notes?!

dear lord

"Some of our crew got upgraded to first class on this flight and I didn’t. They then sent the flight attendant back to make fun of me. Fired." - R

okay guys so i know Its been like two fucking months or some shit but i was wondering if anyone would still like to read werewolves in london?!

i know its been so long but ive been so busy with school ~hella important exam year~ i never got the the chance to finish it

but if people were interested i’d be willing to commit to at least two chapters a week 

but idk if anyone even cares anymore!? 

chapter one is here ma nips